Lithuania - Trakai Historical National Park

"Trakai Park lies in the eastern part of the Lithuanian Republic, 25 km to the west of the capital city, Vilnius. Trakai Park stands in the Dzukija Upland area of the Baltic uplands at a height of 102-228 m above sea level. It covers an area of wooded lake land in eastern Dzukija, which is centred on the historical town of Trakai. Trakai Park was founded in 1991 by the Lithuanian Restoration Seimas in order to preserve cultural sites of Lithuanian historical statehood along with their genuine natural environs. In this unique and compact ensemble of natural and cultural heritage, which reflects important periods and events in the history of Lithuania and eastern Europe as a whole, we can see a beautifully preserved cultural landscape centred on an historic town and castles which are nestled in lake land. Here there are traditional agricultural villages, fieldscapes and areas where primaeval natural formations still survive. The value of Trakai Park has been preserved finely and its special status has been recognised and protected by a whole body of national legislation. The landscape of Trakai Park exudes particular beauty; in part this is natural and in part it is manmade.." 

Source: UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List

Postcard 1
Beautiful Trakai Island Castle in Lithuania. Thanks again to Klina who visited Trakai on a Baltic tour.

Postcard 2
Aerial view of Trakai National Park with a matching stamp. Thanks to iEva of Lithuania.

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