China - Historic Monuments and Sites of Ancient Quanzhou (Zayton)

“Historic Monuments and Sites of Ancient Quanzhou (Zayton)” is a serial nomination of the representative monuments and sites of Quanzhou (Zayton) - an important port city in China in the prosperous period of the Maritime Silk Roads. A total of 16 monuments and sites are nominated, categorised into “historical sites and relics of navigation and trade”, “historical sites and relics of multiculture” and “historical sites and relics of urban construction and land transport”, representing the prosperity of Quanzhou in the Song (960-1279 AD) and Yuan (1271-1368 AD) dynasties as an important hub of the Maritime Silk Roads from multiple perspectives."

Source: UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List

Postcard 1
Quanzhou was once the largest maritime post in China before the Ming Dynasty. Thanks to Phoebe  of Hong Kong.

Postcard 2
Twin Pagodas of Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou, China. I bought this postcard in China.

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