India - The Victorian & Art Deco Ensemble of Mumbai

"At the heart of the historic centre of Mumbai (formerly Bombay), lies the Fort Heritage Precinct. This marks the footprint of the 19th century fortified city of Bombay and though the fort walls were mostly torn down in the 1860s under the Governorship of Sir Bartle Frere, the name persists in public memory and is a protected heritage precinct under the Heritage Regulations for Greater Bombay 1995. West of the fort walls, the expanse of land that was once called the Esplanade, is today the historic cricketing ground of Oval Maidan. This vast open space lies at the heart of the proposed Property. To the East of the Oval lies the historic Fort area with its monumental 19th century Victorian Neo Gothic public buildings and to its West, stand the 20th century Art Deco buildings of Backbay Reclamation and Marine Drive. Together, these two architectural ensembles constitute the most remarkable collection of Victorian and Art Deco buildings, the largest such conglomeration of these two genres of architecture in the world."

Source: UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List

Postcard 1
Rajabai Clock Tower and Maidan Oval of Mumbai. Thanks to Nagi of India.

Postcard 2
A different view of Maidan and Rajabai Clock Tower, Mumbai. Thanks to Prateek of India.

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